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Somatic Coaching

"Working with Denise helped me touch into my deepest yearnings and the root of what's holding me back. I was able to access layers that I didn't even know were there." -Sarah, Client

Our body is our instrument for life; our voice is an expression of this instrument. Everything that happens in our minds and in our bodies is also expressing itself in our voice, in our capacity and agency to express our authentic selves and communicate who we are with the world. Throughout life, we all experience traumas, some big and some small. These experiences can impact our body's natural ability to express life with freedom, fluidity and ease. Somatic Coaching offers space to explore our voice's hidden patterns with playfulness, curiosity and courage.

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Got This Voice: About

Is Somatic Coaching Right for Me
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  • I want to connect to desire and express my whole self.

  • I would like to explore voice as a way of looking at different stuck places, emotional patterns & parts of myself.

  • I want to find space to breathe.

  • I am tired of being silent/silenced and want to reclaim my voice.

  • I feel that working through trauma in an embodied and envoiced way would be valuable to me.

  • I have emotional / psychological patterns around my voice and would like to find diversity, authenticity & power in my acoustic as well as my metaphorical voice.

  • I want to have a more loving relationship with my body and myself.

  • I want to be able to connect with others in a meaningful way.

  • I've tried other therapies and haven't had success transforming patterns.

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