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Everything we need is already here.

Since childhood, I’ve been interested in our experiences with suffering. I think this began because there were so few people in my life talking about suffering- which was confusing because it occupied such a large part of my experience and curiosity, even as a kid. When I was first introduced to meditation by Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron’s book When Things Fall Apart, it was an enormous relief to read the simple sentence: “suffering exists”. A mantra I still repeat. 

Up until that introduction, I noticed the community and culture both inside of me and outside of me were deeply committed to a story that "suffering is bad and that we shouldn't talk about it, express it, experience it or explore it." But this story then, never allowed me to get to know or befriend my suffering in a way that transformed it- so I've dedicated most of my adult life to studying the relationship between our minds, our bodies and our capacity (and permission) to express the full range of our human experiences. Some of these practices and trainings have included: 


  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Practitioner Training

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training- 2-yr residential monastic training at the Center for Mindful Learning

  • Improvisational Dance and Movement with Lida Winfield, Hannah Denison and Sara McMahnon 

  • Embodied Voice Training with Susan Borg

  • Amma Therapeutic Massage and Classical Chinese Medicine 

  • Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner Training

  • Playwright, Storyteller and Teaching Artist

  • and many years of messy meditation...


My research first began sitting with my own experiences of physical and emotional pain. But this wasn't sufficient, because I wanted to be in relationship to my body and the parts of me I didn't know were allowed to exist- like desire, longing, grief, rage. I needed movement, space and a witness. Someone who had walked this path before and embodied, from their own experience, a depth of compassion, courage and curiosity needed to midwife these experiences. I'm grateful to have had many. We all need witnesses, people who are not swayed by our own experiences of confusion or self-doubt, but who will stand gently by and say, "i see you exactly where you are. I see you..." This is what I offer, to be a witness to the wisdom and life already revealing itself to you. 

Every coaching session is different, but every session includes practices of deep listening- getting to know and befriend what is already here, how it is expressing, what it longs for, and how it wants to move and be cared for. After all, the freedom, wisdom and compassion we long for is already within us; we wouldn't be able to long for it without first knowing it. So this is where we begin...exactly where we are. In all of our messy, confused, delighted, well-known and unknown experiences. 


In session work, we approach this deep listening from a variety of awareness-based practices that can include: dialogue, guided meditation, breath work, voicework, movement, storytelling, active imagination, songwriting or drawing. Clients are invited to explore and relate to their patterns and stuck places from the inside out. Sessions are done on Zoom or in person. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to show up to yourself. For more information, sign up for an introductory twenty-minute call below.

Kiran, Student/MGMC

Working with Denise and Muslim Girls Making Change (MGMC) is without a doubt, one of the most transformative experiences in my life. I learned about community, vulnerability, care, voice, breath, introspection, expression, and love. Denise encouraged me out of my comfort zone in the most caring way. The lessons learned with and because of Denise have stuck with me since I was 15.

Juniper, Client

I can't begin to express how wonderful it's been to work with Denise....Her kind and spacious presence shines through, and it has helped me feel safe and courageous in exploring and actually healing the underlying fears blocking my free expression. I so appreciate how we always go at a pace that works for me; Denise has a masterful way of providing options for how to move forward any time I feel stuck or shy...I now actually have fun creating and singing little ditties as I go about my day, and I'm so grateful to no longer be afraid of singing out loud.

Sarah, Client

Working with Denise helped me touch into my deepest yearnings and the root of what's holding me back. I was able to access layers that I didn't even know were there.

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practicing love from the inside out.

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