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Voice Movement Therapy

In these 1-to-1 private sessions or group sessions participants explore their experiences through the lens of voice, movement, breathwork and the creative process. Every session is different and may include practices in stillness or movement, journeys in vocalization, sound and imagery, as well as integration through creative expression, ie. songwriting, storytelling or drawing. "VMT is both creative and therapeutic in that it requires an exploration of oneself and one’s issues through the contours of the voice and through the creative enactment of one’s personal story in movement and song." -IAVMT

Inside Out Storytelling
Do you have a story you've been longing to tell? Out loud and on purpose? My experience of storytelling is that stories live in layers within our bodies, so when we lean in and listen, often, a whole new dimension of the story reveals itself. Inside Out Storytelling is a creative and healing process that invites the storyteller to first listen to the body's longing to express itself and then move and make from what adrienne maree brown calls the "speed of trust". Each creative session with me includes practices that cultivate curiosity and compassion, as well as crafting the story, voice and movements. When a story comes from this place within us, it provides medicine and healing for the whole collective, for the whole lineage. Private and group sessions available.


Working with Denise

"Working with Denise and Muslim Girls Making Change (MGMC) is without a doubt, one of the most transformative experiences in my life. I learned about community, vulnerability, care, voice, breathe, introspection, expression, and love. Denise pushed me out of my comfort zone in the most caring way. The lessons learned with and because of Denise have stuck with me since I was 15.” -Kiran, MGMC

"I can't begin to express how wonderful it's been to work with Denise....Her kind and spacious presence shines through, and it has helped me feel safe and courageous in exploring and actually healing the underlying fears blocking my free expression. I so appreciate how we always go at a pace that works for me; Denise has a masterful way of providing options for how to move forward any time I feel stuck or shy...I now actually have fun creating and singing little ditties as I go about my day, and I'm so grateful to no longer be afraid of singing out loud." -Juniper M., student

"Voice Movement Therapy with Denise helped me touch into my deepest yearnings and the root of what's holding me back. I was able to access layers that I didn't even know were there." -Sarah, student

"Denise offers her time and expertise in both traditional and unique ways to meet the needs of people whether at day one of inquiry into mindfulness and voice work, or as skilled practitioners seeking new perspectives.  Her creative vision offers something special for anyone on this path."

-Margaret, former student

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