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Playing the Game: A story about the games we play in order to belong
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In Playing the Game, Denise Casey explores the many games we play in order to belong- from taking cover in a monastery to skip out of rehab, to going halfway across the world to hear the Himalayas, or time traveling through a seventh grade science class.  In this 60-minute, one-woman play, Denise follows the games she's played through the seen and unseen world into a larger collective moment, the summer of 2020. Part memoir, part meditation, part make believe, Playing the Game is unshaking in its exploration of possibility and courage. You ready? Interested in bringing Playing the Game to your community? Inquire here. 

Permission, Possibility and Voice: a Day-long Voice Movement Therapy Workshop
Sunday, February 12th, 10am-4:30pm, Nataraja Studios, 215 College St.Burlington, VT, $85 Register here.
Our voices are the instruments of our bodies. It is one way we can express our inner world with the outside world. It is also overtime how we've learned to sensor, to edit and shrink our voice in order to belong to a culture, a story or a set of values that doesn't value us. Voice Movement Therapy is an expressive art therapy that offers permission as a practice. By centering voice and vocalization as the main tools of self-reflection, we learn how to listen and trust the many parts of ourselves, some known, some unknown, from the inside out, and express them with love and courage. No experience singing is necessary.

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