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Colorful Threads

Inside Out Writing: I Got a Story to Tell: an 8-week online somatic writing group
Tues., Oct 18-Dec 6th, 2022 6:30-8pm EST $180

I often hear clients say, "I feel like there's a story I need to tell." And I see them light up when they say this! But we don't always know what that story is. We have crumbs, clues or ideas, but often this is just the starting point. Stories, like anything that's born into life, require patience, care and attention. In this 8-week group we'll come together, listen to the threads we've been holding and follow them to the story we've been longing to tell. We'll deepen our listening skills using a collection of contemplative, somatic, writing, voice and imagining practices. Register here. 

Practicing the Heart of Liberation: a day-long retreat w/ Zac Ispa-Landa
Sunday, November 20th, 10:30-4:30pm
Laughing River Yoga, Burlington, VT


On this retreat we'll practice sitting and walking meditation, visualizations, lovingkindness, and movement as well as discussion and community connection. The foundation of our practice will be to cultivate clarity, stability, and spaciousness so we can see more deeply into the nature of our heart-mind.  The teachings of this retreat are grounded in Buddhism, particularly vipassana meditation and Vajrayana practices as taught by Lama Rod Owens. Suggested donation is $25. All are welcome. This retreat is for both new and experienced meditators. More info here. Register at denise.e.casey@gmail.com.

Playing the Game: A story about the games we play in order to belong
Coming to a town near you...Stay tuned! 

In Playing the Game, Denise Casey explores the many games we play in order to belong- from taking cover in a monastery to skip out of rehab, to going halfway across the world to hear the Himalayas, or time traveling through a seventh grade science class.  In this 60-minute, one-woman play, Denise follows the games she's played through the seen and unseen world into a larger collective moment, the summer of 2020. Part memoir, part meditation, part make believe, Playing the Game is unshaking in its exploration of possibility and courage. You ready?

Interested in bringing Playing the Game to your community? Inquiry here.